To send bulk Review Invitations, first navigate to the 'Messenger' tab, and make sure you are on the 'New Message' screen. From here you should see the 'Upload CSV' button in the top right corner.

After clicking the 'Upload CSV' button you will see the following pop up window:

From this window, you can download the CSV Template file which will allow you to format your customer list appropriately so it can be uploaded into Chekkit.

Once your customer list is ready, you can drag and drop it into the space provided, or click in that space to open the document upload selector window.

After you have uploaded your CSV file, all the customers will be displayed in individual rows as shown below:

You can manually add new customers to this list by clicking the " + " button on the right side of the window, or remove any customer from the list by clicking 'Remove'.

Note: If any of your customers numbers were invalid you will also see error messages on this screen allowing you to review your customers information before saving them.

Once all your customers are listed, you can then select the template message you wish to send. This will display the message to be sent in the space provided.

Tip: You can edit this message or type any other message you would like to send instead.

To send the messages you have two options:

'Send Messages' will send all the individual customers their own message and create a new conversation for each.

'Send and Close' will do the same as the send messages button, but will also close each new conversation at the same time, so they will not clutter your inbox. If a customer replies to a closed conversation it will re-open it automatically.

After clicking the send button you will see a confirmation screen letting you know if there were any errors sending your messages.

Note: If a customer was recently sent a review request it will not send another request to that customer until 1 year has passed. If you need to get around this, you can still send those specific customers a review invitation through the normal messenger screens.

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