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What phone number are my Chekkit messages sent From?
What phone number are my Chekkit messages sent From?

The phone number your customer will see when you send them a text message.

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The messages and review invitations you send will come from a number assigned to your Chekkit account with a local area code, regardless of whether you send invitations from our mobile app or desktop version of Chekkit.

You can see your current texting number from the 'Settings' - 'Business' page

Chekkit Business Settings.

Can a Customer Text Back Our Chekkit Phone Number?

They sure can! 😁

This makes it super easy and convenient for customers to schedule meetings, follow-ups, and create a personal connection with every customer!

Our All-in-one Messenger allows your customers to text back. These conversations will be available for you to manage and have a personal conversation with your customers via text. 

If you would like to change the phone number, just get in touch with our support team at 

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