When someone tries to call your Chekkit Texting Number, that call will be forwarded to the number listed as your primary Phone Number.

To see these numbers, first navigate to your 'Settings' - 'Business Settings' page.

From this page you can see your 'Texting Number' as well as the primary business 'Phone Number'.

You can easily change your primary business number by clicking 'Update Phone'

Note: If you wish to change the texting number on file, please contact our support team at support@chekkit.io

We can often host business landline numbers so the number used as your texting number will be the same as the primary phone number. This process can often take a few days depending on the type of number or if your number has been hosted by another company before.

* * *

Hopefully this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please contact us at support@chekkit.io!

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