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Exporting your invoices
Exporting your invoices

In this help article we will go show you how to export your invoices from your Chekkit account.

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Keeping an organized business is one of the many key pieces to a successful business. Viewing and printing your invoices can help with tracking which customers have paid you, when they paid you, their contact method, and more. When you've export your invoices you will be able to print the following.

  • Amount

  • Customer

  • Phone

  • Reference

  • Status

  • Date

To export your invoice follow the steps below.

  • Go to the 'Payments' tab

  • Click the green 'Export' button in the invoices box

Chekkit dashboard.
Payments tab selected, click export.

You will then see a CSV file download in your browser. You're now able to view exported file!

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Hopefully this helps, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please contact us at!

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