You may only want certain users to have the ability to utilize the payments function. This article will go through each permission level and the functionality they will have with payments.


Among all functionalities listed in the access level article, owners have the following abilities in payments.

  • Accessibility to payment setting options

  • Ability to refund and cancel payments

  • Send payment requests

  • Toggled between various locations

Location Admin

Will have access to all the same things an owner would have access but they will lose the ability to toggle between different locations.

Team Leader

A team leader will lose the ability to edit payments settings. They will still be able to do the following.

  • Refund and cancel payments

  • Send payment requests

Team Member

A team member will only have access to the personal settings but they will access to the following abilities.

  • Send payment requests

Team Member (Limited)

Team member limited does not have access to payments.


An individual can send out payment requests, however, they will only be able to see messages that have been assigned to them.

All access levels outside of the owner can have the ability for multi location access. You will need to notify of which users you'd like to have multi location access.

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