Webchat can help increase your customer engagement and with the help of the "Open Webchat" button, this can motivate your customers to send you that first message. This help article will go over all the necessary steps to install the button on your webpage.

Step 1: Get the Code

From your dashboard go to Settings > Webchat. Then scroll down until you find "Installation Code" section.

Click on 'View Open Webchat Code'.

Webchat button code.

Step 2: Install the Code

Paste the necessary code where you'd like your button to appear on your webpage. The button will allow the people on your webpage to open and close your webchat widget. This will help with motivating potential leads into future customers.

* * *

Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@chekkit.io!

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