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Connect DealerRater to Chekkit
Connect DealerRater to Chekkit

We'll provide instructions needed to connect your DealerRater to Chekkit.

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Using Google and Facebook are great ways for your business to have its name shared with the public. Another great platform to receive your fantastic review on could be DealerRater.

In order for you to view your DealerRater reviews on your Chekkit dashboard, you'll need to complete the following steps.

1. Login

Log in to the Dealer Panel with an account that has administrative access for your dealership.

2. Select "API Access"

Select 'API Access' from the 'Tools' heading in the navigation bar along the top of the Dealer Panel.

3. Send your information

You should now be able to find your DealerRater API token key. Send that key and your DealerRater ID to and we'll take care of the rest for you.

If you're running into any difficulties along the way or if you can't find your API key, use the link below for additional information.

* * *

Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please contact us at!

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