Scheduler allows you to send a message at a specific time in the future. It's a flexible, versatile, and easy solution for scheduling your messages whenever you'd like.

Scheduling a Message

Using the Scheduler, you can send a message at a later date to either a single customer or a group of people. You can send any of your existing templates or a custom message. To learn how to schedule your first message, click the button below to find out more!

Scheduler Tab

From the Scheduler tab, you can see messages that are scheduled to be sent, edit messages that have not been sent, and delete a scheduled message. Messages that have been sent are unavailable for any changes or edits. You can also schedule a message from here as well.

If your message is queued you can edit when the message will be sent, the message itself, and the people who will receive the message. Click the pencil next to the queued message you'd like to change and select Edit. Deleting a queued message is easy, click the pencil and select the Delete option. Your message will no longer be sent.

With the help of the Scheduler you'll be able to remind your customers of an appointment, send review invitations at the most optimal time, spread the word on an upcoming promotion, and so much more!

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