How do I create a review response template?

When a customer takes the time to leave you a review, it's always a great idea to take the time to leave them a response. You can create a custom response or you can select a preset response. In order to create your own response template follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Open your Dashboard and go to Settings > Review. Under Review response settings, click Update Responses.

From Chekkit dashboard go to Settings > Review > Update Responses

Step 2:

Give your response a title, and message and click Save once you're satisfied. You can create additional templates by clicking on the Add New Template button.

Enter a title and your response.

Step 3:

You can select your new review response template by clicking the Respond to button under the Reviews tab.

To send a templated response click Respond to from the Reviews tab.

Select your new response and click Post!

Select the response.

* * *

Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please get in touch with us at!

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