How can I collect reviews for all my employees?

Receiving reviews for your business is a crucial part of your growth. It's a great way to let your future customers find you easier and it gives a sense of your quality of work. You may also want your employees to receive reviews as well. Using platforms like Avvo, RateMD, etc. allows your customers to get feedback on how they've done. Follow the steps below to give your customers the opportunity to leave a review for your employees.

For our example, we'll be demonstrating including your employees using Avvo. This process can be completed for any other platform that allows employees to receive their own reviews.

Step 1: Get your URL

  • Go to your browser and find the page that has your profile.
  • Copy your URL from the top of the browser

Copy URL from browser.

Step 2: Paste URL in Chekkit

  • Log into your Chekkit Dashboard
  • Go to Settings > Review
  • Click on Update Grouped Reviews

Paste URL under update grouped reviews.

  • Enter the Group you'd like them to be apart of
  • Type the name of the employee
  • Paste the URL that you copied earlier
  • To add another person, click Add New URL
  • Click Save once you're done

Fill in appropriate fields.

Now your customers will have the option to leave a review for one of your employees.

Preview of group review site on your review invitation.

Select which person to give a review to.

Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please contact us at!

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