How do I display the review widget on my website?

We have created a simple-to-install widget that will allow you to display your latest Google and Facebook reviews directly on your website.

Note: The review widget will display the 20 latest reviews between both platforms and will only display 4 - 5 star Google reviews and positive Facebook recommendations.

Step 1: Get the Code

From your Chekkit dashboard, navigate to the 'Settings' page, then click 'Text Chat Settings'. Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the 'Setup' box.

Click the 'View Review Widget Code' button, you will then see two different code snippets that both need to be positioned on your website.

Step 2: Paste the Code onto your Website

The first code snippet is the container that will hold all your reviews, place this <div> tag on your web page where you would like the review widget to be displayed.

Tip: Most modern web page builders will have drag-and-drop editors that allow you to add or position different elements on each page. Look for a 'Custom Code' option to drag onto your page, then paste the <div> into that object.

Next, you will need to paste the <script> tags into your website. This code should go at the bottom of your page, just before the closing </body> tag.

WordPress Installation Instructions

The fastest way to insert code into all pages of a WordPress website is to download the Insert Headers and Footers free plugin, and paste the code into this plugin.

  1. Download 'Insert Headers and Footers' and activate it as a plugin on your site.
  2. Paste the code into the 'Scripts in Footer' section of this plugin.

WordPress plugin

Wix Installation Instructions

To install the review widget on your Wix site, follow our steps below.

  1. Go to the settings on your Wix site
  2. Copy the review widget code snippet from your Chekkit dashboard
  3. Choose Add Custom Code in your Wix Portal

    Wix screenshot

  4. Go to Body - End and choose Add Code

    Place code in Body - End.

  5. Paste your code snippet in the box and choose the page you would like your review widget to appear. Enter Review Widget in the name box.

    Optional: Enter this custom style in the code snippet box above the <script> tag if you would like a larger review widget.


[data-testid=custom-element] { width: 100% !important; }


  1. Wix screenshot

  2. Go to the page you would like your review widget on in the html editor.

    Wix screenshot

  3. Choose to add elements with the (+) button on your website editor and choose custom element.

    Wix screenshot

  4. Click on your custom element and select Set Attributes.

    Custom Element on Wix web builder.

  5. Enter attribute name id and value chekkit-reviews

    Wix screenshot

  6. You should now see your latest reviews on your webpage.

Review widget placed on Wix website.

SquareSpace Installation Instructions

To install the review widget on a SquareSpace site, we recommend following the setup instructions on this help page.

In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, and then click Code Injection. Then paste the review widget script code into the 'Footer' section.

Webflow Installation Instructions

To install your text chat code on Webflow, sign in to your account and go to Project settings > Custom code. Paste your code in the Footer code section and save the changes.

Webflow Designer.

Click Custom Code

Place code in Footer section.

Add a div to your website where you would like the review widget. Set the id to be chekkit-reviews.

Webflow screenshot

* * *

Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please get in touch with us at!

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