Messaging Consent

To message your customers, you need them to agree to receive messages from your business. It's important to remember that consent is always required to message customers.

There are two types of consent: express consent and implied consent.

Express consent

This is when the customer has agreed to receive messages from you of the type you will send. Consent can be obtained from a form submission on your website, a message from the webchat widget, an opt-in from a newsletter, etc.

Make sure to keep a record of the consent, such as keeping their full name, email address, physical address collected, registration date and time, IP address collected, and a screenshot of the website or form where the customer shared their contact details.

Implied consent

This is when a customer has an existing relationship with your business. For example, you may have implied consent with a customer if they sent a message to you asking for information, such as business hours or if they have purchased something from your business. In this case, you can only send messages to this customer within this conversation. Unless you have obtained additional consent, don't send them messages outside of that conversation.

If the customer has taken some action to trigger communication from you, for example, purchased something from you or created an appointment, and has provided their phone number, they have provided implied consent. Some examples of appropriate messages in these scenarios are appointment reminders, order/shipping confirmations, or appointment confirmations.

You may not send marketing or solicitation messages to customers with implied consent.

Collecting Consent in Chekkit

We recommend keeping a record of customers that have given their express consent by utilizing the tags feature within Chekkit. For example, create a tag called "marketing consent", so that you know a customer has agreed to receive messages from you.

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