What is Chekkit Pay?

Chekkit Pay allows businesses to send payment requests through text messages and view your invoices at your convenience. It's a fast, easy, and secure mobile checkout solution that streamlines your payment operations.

Payment Requests

You can send payment requests to your customers from the Messenger Tab. You can send a payment request to a new customer or to an existing customer that is in your dashboard. To learn more on how to send a payment request click the link below to see the 'How to send a payment request?' help article.

Help article: http://help.chekkit.io/en/articles/4364516-how-do-i-send-a-payment-request

Example of what it would look like to receive a payment request.

Chekkit Pay Tab

You can view your invoices, how many requests you've sent out, and the deposits you've received all from the Chekkit Pay tab on your dashboard.

From the Chekkit Pay tab, you can filter your invoices by the date, amount, and status of the invoice. This is a great feature to keep track of the invoices you've sent out to your customer and see more information. You can also cancel or refund an invoice, and view the payment details and customer details of each invoice that you've accumulated. You're also able to export a CSV file of your invoices for your bookkeeping purposes.

Invoices in Chekkit dashboard.

You can see additional information about your deposits from the Chekkit Pay tab as well. See the status of your deposits, when you've received them, and the amount of the deposit. You can also export your deposit list in a CSV file for your records.

Deposits in Chekkit dashboard.

Another thing you can see in the Chekkit Pay tab is what you've received, requested, and viewed today.

What you've received today.

With the help of our Chekkit Pay feature ensure your business is continuing to grow, prosper, and be the best business it can be.

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Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please get in touch with us at support@chekkit.io!

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