How do I refund a payment?

At some point, you may have to refund a payment for one of your customers. Doing this promptly and effectively will help continue the great experience your customers have come to be accustomed to. There are no fees to refund a payment, but Stripe’s fees on the original payment will not be returned in case of a refund.

You have the option to do a full or partial refund for any invoice. To refund a payment follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Chekkit Pay

Your first step will be signing into your Chekkit account and navigating to the Chekkit Pay Tab.

Chekkit dashboard.

Step 2: Refund the Customer

Find the invoice that you would like to refund. Ensure that you have chosen the correct invoice so as to not give a refund to the wrong customer. Click the 3 dots and select 'Refund Invoice'. You will then be prompted to enter an amount to be refunded to the customer.

Payments dashboard.

Click the 3 dots and select Refund Payment.

Once you've sent the refund, you will see the status change to either 'Refunded' or 'Partial Refund'. Also, the exact amount of the invoice and refund will be displayed on the invoice card and on your invoice. Your customer will also receive a text message with the following message.

"Hi ((name)), we sent you a refund of ((amount)). Please text or call us if you have any questions."

You can customize this response by going to Settings > Chekkit Pay > Automation Settings. From this page, you can also change the automatic reply for payment requests and cancellations.

If you process a refund two or seven open business days before the funds are transferred to your bank account, according to your country, the deposit linked to your payment will update accordingly. If the amount to be deposited becomes $0, no deposit will be made.

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Hopefully, this helps you get everything running, but if you have any difficulties or other questions please get in touch with us at!

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