Healthcare Messenger Templates

Most Used Review Invitation Templates:

Highest converting  💰

  • Hi, ((name))! Thank you for choosing ((insert your business name)). Could you take 30 seconds to leave us a review using the link below? We would truly appreciate if you could share a few positive words about us. :)


Dr. Fred (dentists name)

  • Hi, ((name))! Thank you for choosing (( insert your business name)). Can you take a few minutes to leave us a quick review with the link below? Send us a text if there is anything we can help you with. Look forward to seeing you again soon :)
  • Hi ((name)) Thank you for coming in to visit us at ((your business name)) We would love to hear your feedback regarding your experience. Would you mind clicking the link and letting us know how we did?
  • Hi ((name))! We hope you had a great visit. We would love your feedback on (online review site) about your experience. 

Follow up

  • Thanks so much for the review, ((name))! Feel free to text this number any time and we'll respond ASAP.

****As always please work with internal policies and HIPAA Standards***

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