Automotive Messenger Templates

Dealership Templates  🚗

  • Hey ((name))! It was a pleasure helping you pick out your new ((vehicle name)). Can you please take some time to share your experience with the link below? Thank you so much, and hope you see you around again soon! 

-David (sales persons' name)

  • Post Test Drive -  Hey ((name))! Thanks for test driving with me today. Let me know if you had any other questions! I'd be more than happy to help you out. 
  • Post Test Drive - Hey ((name)), thanks for stopping by to take a look around! If you think of any other questions or cars you’re interested in looking at feel free to text me here! 
  • Appointment reminders - Hi ((name)), it's ((your name)) from ((business name)) I wanted to send a quick reminder about your appointment on (insert date/time) . Does that time still work for you? 

Service Templates

  • Pick Up - Hi ((name)), it's ((you name)) from ((business name)). I wanted to let you know your car is ready for pick up! :) See you soon. 
  • Mid-Repair Changes - Hi ((name)), it's ((your name)) from ((business name)). While working on your car we found some additional damage to the (insert car part) that we couldn’t see upon initial inspection. This repair will add on (insert cost) to your total. Do I have your permission to continue on with this additional repair?
  • Thank you  - Hi ((name)), it's Dan from ((insert your business name)) Thanks again for coming in today! Don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything else we can do.

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